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Ornithology.net is all about birds.

We admire birds for their beauty, songs, and the grace of their near miraculous ability to fly, but birds are  important to the ecosystem as well as pollinators, seed dispersers, and pest consumers.

Birds are  indicators of environmental health.  In the natural world, because they are relatively abundant, easily observed,  birds can provide clues to environmental changes. To continue to live sustainably and have a healthy planet, we must understand how the natural systems  function. Birds are a critical element to nearly every ecosystem on earth, and their fate is intertwined with ours.

But perhaps most important, not only do birds provide us with pleasure while we watch them but they get the average person to understand how important the environment is to all of us.

Ornithology Education will be just that - teaching the website visitor about every aspect of birds through short blogs of about 500 words, taking the average reader less than two minutes to read. Some will be basic ornithology - the anatomy, physiology, ecology, evolution,  naming, and behavior of birds. Some will examine some of the latest research about birds such as the discovery of the importance of singing every day, the significance of urban green spaces, sensory mechanisms of the brain that function in migration, and other new science. Some will verge on the controversial, such as the birds named after unsavory historical characters, keeping pet birds, and hunting,. We'll discuss the dangers birds face from cats, windows, pollution, and vehicles and how we can mitigate them. In short, the blogs will be a bit of education on every aspect of birds' lives. And some will just be about one interesting bird species or group. WIth over 11,000 species of birds across the world, there's lot to talk about.

I invite you to ask questions at anytime. Just email me, Dr. Roger Lederer at rlederer@csuchico.edu . 

Ornithology Education on Ornithology.net is for sale.
If  interested, contact  rlederer@csuchico.edu


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